Classic Dancewear
Leotard with Professional TutuAdjustable Strap Cami LeotardLeotard with Romantic Tutu

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Here at Diva Dancewear we are constantly updating and adding to our product catalog. Our goal is to create the ultimate dancewear store, where you can find all styles in one location. We want to cater to classical dancers as well as modern, providing basics as well as costume pieces.

Dance Shoes
Bloch Soleil Foot GloveCapezio FizzionGlisse Pointe Shoe

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We know how important footwear is! Dancer's feet take a regular beating and if you aren't equipped with the correct shoes the damage can be immense. Our big toe protecting Bloch Soleil Foot Glove is our top selling shoe! It gives you the freedom of bare feet, with the comfort and protection of shoes.

Exotic Dancewear
Pleaser 6.5" Heel Platform with Textured SideShow Stopping Bikini SetSide Ring T-Back

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Exotic dancewear can be exciting and daring, but even so it has basics that every dancer needs, and we are here to bring you both sexy costume pieces and basic tops and bottoms. We have a large selection of stilettos and heels in top brand names such as; Pleaser, Bordello, Kiss, Delight and more!

Dancewear - for the Diva in you!

We are excited to introduce our new aerial arts center! For those of you who love to fly through the air and perform above the crowd we will have a learning center on all different styles of aerial dance and products such as pole shorts for pole dancers and full body unitards for aerial silk dancers. Keep checking back to see us grow!

Don't miss our Instructor Resource Center! Now adding tips, news, ideas and resources for instructors of all styles of dance! We've also added a resource center for Students of the Art of Dance. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a specific topic you would like us to cover in either of our resource centers, or if you find any information we provide to misleading or incorrect:


At Diva Dancewear we strive to be much more than the best place to buy dancewear online, we also want to educate you about dance and inspire you to innovate. Dance is expression; expression in the way you move and the way you look. When that moment comes when you look into the mirror before you perform and your reflection says, "You can do this," you know you are onto something truly special.

To get there takes dedication, work and love for the art. This is something Diva Dancewear hopes to inspire within you. We will share with you the valuable knowledge we have gained through years of learning and teaching; the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the emotional rollercoaster that is dance.

You may be new to dancing or you may be a professional instructor looking for a fresh perspective on your teaching methods. You may simply want to buy an outfit or a new pair of shoes to liven up your wardrobe. Whatever your reason for visiting our store, we hope that you will leave feeling content, satisfied and waiting with excitement for your new dancewear to arrive.

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