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Dance Leggings

Unitards are basically a leotard and a pair of leggings put together. They are generally constructed with a Lycra Spandex stretch material added to either a cotton or polyester blend of fabric. This unique item of dancewear is often used as part of a rehearsal wardrobe as well as in costuming for performances.

Unitards are available in various sleeve lengths and pant lengths – from tank top and shorts length to long sleeve and ankle length inseams. Using this single piece of dancewear will streamline your look because it has no breaks or seams at the waist.

These one-piece options are used quite frequently in performance dancewear. The long, lean line they create is also conducive to costuming needs. For example, you can dress up as a puppy or character more easily in a one-piece than in separate tops and bottoms.

Additionally, when dancers perform, they often need an under layer. A combined leo and leggings into a one piece option for wearing under costumes is a fabulous convenience for performers. While dancers perform in a show, they usually require several costumes. Changing backstage is a breeze when they have on a unitard as an under layer. They can then put the various costumes over that first layer with ease and comfort, all while preserving their modesty. This aids is fast, comfortable costume changes. Making costume changes smoother and quicker will keep things moving onstage.

These convenient one-piece outfits are not only used for dance. Skaters often wear a single piece to comprise their workout or performance wear. Gymnasts also frequently utilize the single pairing workout wear. Many young girls prefer a once piece that resembles a tank top and bike shorts on the bottom. One piece of wear for gymnastics practice means less gear. Simple workout wear is a benefit for both athletes and their parents.

When you opt for a unitard, you will want to pay special attention to sizing. The single piece unit of dancewear is quite stretchable, but it is a good idea to measure the dancer, gymnast or skater and compare their measurements with the manufacturers’ sizing charts. These sizing charts can vary somewhat between manufacturers, so take care to measure and verify with each brand that you choose.

It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s directions for washing. Certain pieces of dancewear should only be hand washed and hung to dry. Others need to lay flat to dry. Yet other versions of dancewear are easily machine washable and dried in a dryer. Be sure to consult the care directions on the packaging or tags of the garment before laundering.

If you choose to machine wash and dry when the directions clearly indicate that the item should be hand washed and lay flat to dry, you may damage the integrity or the stretch of the fabric. This decreases the lifespan and comfort of dancewear. With proper care, unitards can last for a long time.


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