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Lyrical Dancewear

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Lyrical Dancewear

Dance DressesA costume that flows and creates a memorable shape is a common component of lyrical dancewear. Many dance forms such as modern dance, lyrical ballet and jazz dance use this type of costume. Drill teams and competitive dance also utilize this type of dance clothing. While the dance forms may vary somewhat, they often feature a similar type of costume.

Dancers utilize dancewear to further the vision of the choreography and overall aesthetic feel of the piece. Fabric type and color add another dimension as an extension of the dancer’s artistic expression. Soft flowing fabrics are commonly used in this type of dancewear. Clingy fabrics are often paired with a flowing element. For example, the stretchy, clingy fabrics such as Lycra and polyester may be used in the bodice while the wispy skirt and bell sleeves are made from chiffon or tulle. The stretch blend accentuates the shape of the dancer’s body, while the long skirt and sleeves of lyrical dancewear add a motion blur effect and add onto the dancer’s movements.

Choreographers, artistic directors and costume designers often work together to determine the costumes for a particular show. Each one often has something in mind and they all work together toward something that will suit the visual needs of the piece and fall within budget constraints. Costumes, such as lyrical dancewear, are designed and custom made, rented or purchased for the performance. 

For amateur dance shows such as dance school reviews, costumes are usually purchased or rented. Some dance schools even require their dancers to purchase predetermined lyrical dancewear to wear in shows. Another common arrangement is for dancers to pay a rental fee for their costumes. Dance programs that have been around for quite awhile may have established their own costume shop wherein they own many different sets of costumes. Good quality costumes can be used many times, often with alterations made to them to embellish or slightly change the appearance of the costumes.

When purchasing costume items in bulk, it is a good idea to peruse selections at online dancewear shops. With many options to choose from, you will likely find just the costumes you need. It’s important to remember that when ordering lyrical dancewear online you may not get the exact fit you want -- especially when you order for several different body types and sizes. Most dance schools hire seamstresses alter costumes to fit the dancer’s bodies better.

When shopping online, it’s always important to make sure you are using a secure site when you pay online. Look for a guarantee. Retailers that will accept returns due to improper sizing or inaccurate colors put forth their return policies as a way to keep their customers happy. If you are satisfied with a company’s customer service, you are more likely to purchase from them again. Look for fair return policies and shipping charges.

Lyrical dancewear is an important part of many dancers’ costumes. To outfit a dance troupe, solo or small ensemble, you will likely have good luck finding suitable and lovely costumes online. Don’t be disappointed by the need to alter some costumes to fit your dancers, that is a common practice. 


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