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Hip Hop Dancewear

Hip Hop Dancewear

Hip Hop DancewearHip Hop dancewear is the most diverse of any dance style. Dancers usually wear loose fitting or “baggy” clothing. This is primarily because Hip Hop Dancing is strongly influenced by Rap and Hip Hop music. Depending on the style of Hip Hop a dancer is representing, there are many clothing options to choose from.

The Popping and Locking style requires a dancer to be dressed in a loose fitting short sleeved T- shirt so that they movements of the arms can be seen. Lockers and Poppers prefer to be dressed in “baggy” jeans; this helps them not feel constricted when moving their lower body. This loose style of clothing also applies to break dancing, however depending on the style the dancer prefers they may wish to cover their arms with a long sleeved shirt, or add a hat for head protection.

Smoother styles known as Lyrical Hip Hop are about telling a story. Dressing as the characters in the choreography should be portrayed.  Tight fitting tops and bottoms are acceptable options for this style.

Footwear is very vital to a Hip Hop dancer’s performance. Tennis shoes that fit tightly are the optimum choice; this will protect the dancer from their shoes flying off during a routine. Light tennis shoes are also a good choice for break dancers as to not interfere with flipping and jumping.


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