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Exotic Dancewear
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Exotic Dancewear

Exotic Dance Outfits

Exotic dancewear is one of the loosely defined costume categories. The reason for this is because when it comes to exotic dancing, pretty much anything goes. It’s important to note that exotic dancing is a seductive form of dance. These are not costumes for children or minors. This type of dance is performed in an adult’s only club for paying customers and it is a sex-oriented industry.

Costuming is a big part of exotic dancing. Women choose all sorts of outfits. Many of these are sexy versions of regular outfits, such as a sexy nurse or police officer. The costumes often mimic everyday uniforms, except that the exotic dance outfits are amplified to the highest sexiness quotient and stripped down the bare minimum of fabric.

Some exotic dancers simply choose to dance in lingerie. Again, the lingerie is a sexier version that what most women would wear. It may include very minimal fabric—such as pared down versions of bustiers, corsets, thongs, thigh-high stockings and other options.

Shoes are a very important part of an exotic dancer’s tools. The shoes are high heeled. They must be sexy and they must also be able to be worn to dance in. There are many sorts of shoes used for this form of dance. High heeled stilettos and tall boots are often worn.

Because an exotic dancer is dancing and acting at the same time, she often chooses extreme costumes to get her message across. Many dancers prefer to embellish their outfits-- to shorten, embellish or otherwise alter them. Exotic dancewear is readily available on retail websites that cater to this style of dance.

Many dancers will have several costumes to choose from. Often, dancers try not to repeat costumes too often, in order to keep the experience fresh for their audience. They will note which costumes were the most appreciated by their audience.

For dancers who purchase their exotic dancewear via the Internet, there are few points to remember. When shopping online, it is crucial to take precautions. In order to prevent theft and even identity theft, only purchase from reputable retailers that have a secure site. Security will prevent anyone from stealing your credit card information.

It’s also important to remember that buying something unseen can be difficult. Photographs do not always do an item justice. Make yourself familiar with the return policy. Some adult themed retailers may not accept returns at all. Other might accept returns as long as the item is unused and unworn, with tags still attached. Be sure you know what the policy is for the retailer from whom you purchase your exotic dancewear.

Buying dance costumes for exotic dance online can be extremely helpful for dancers who do not have access to a local supplier. Privacy is also another concern for some people. An exotic dancer may lead a completely different life off stage. Online shopping gives a feeling of privacy and anonymity. Other options for finding exotic dancewear include custom-made costumes, altered lingerie and brick and mortar adult themed costume shops.


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