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Dance Tops

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Dance Tops

Dance LeggingsWhen choosing dance tops, determine your needs. For regular rehearsal wear, you will likely want an assortment of form fitting tank tops and clingy t-shirts. Many dancers choose to wear tops rather than one-piece leotards for everyday dance classes and workouts.

Dancers choose an under layer as the foundation of their dancewear. Most women choose to wear a supportive bra. This provides them with the shape and support that they need. On top of that layer, dancers often opt for colorful, clingy dance tops.

In addition to form fitting tanks and tees, you will likely want to add a cropped sweater or warm-up sweatshirt to your selections. Dancers, like athletes, need to be conscious of their body’s needs. Going from a hot workout to a cool outside temperature can cause muscles to cramp. Take the time to stretch and cool down after a class and then cover up with a sweater. Your muscles will thank you.


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