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Dance Leg Warmers

Dance Leg Warmers

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Dance leg warmers are one of those things that are pictured often when people think of dance. But a lot of people aren’t sure what their purpose is. Also, many dancers are baffled by the wide range available and wonder what style of leg warmers are for them, or if they need them at all.

What Are Dance Leg Warmers?

The first thing to get out of the way is what these items are and what they are for. Leg warmers are basically a tube of material that dancers wear on their legs. They can be worn over stockings or just over bare skin, depending on the dancer’s preference. There are also two common lengths. One reaches from the ankle to the knee, and the other reaches from the ankle all the way to the thigh.

These come in just about any color imaginable, and there are different materials they can be made of as well. Knitted leg warmers are the most common because they are comfortable and warm.

Yes, dance leg warmers are meant to keep your legs warm. As cool as they look, they are more than just a fashion statement. When you are working out, you want your muscles to be warm, or else you run the risk of injuring yourself. Since your legs are the main part of the body used when dancing, it is particularly important that they stay warm. Leg warmers can help make sure the legs are warmed up properly before dancing begins, and also that they don’t cool off quickly during breaks.

What Kind Should You Get?

While it would be great if there was a simple way to answer that question, there really isn’t. Only you can decide what kind of leg warmers are right for you. But there are some things you can take into account that may help you make this decision.

First, how much of your leg do you really think you want covered? If your thighs have a tendency to get cold quickly, you may want to get extra-long leg warmers. But if you think that having extra material between your thighs and knees would bug you, then you should get the ones that just come up to your knee.

Also, look at the photos of the leg warmers and see what kind of “slouch” they have. If you want quite a bit of extra material, you should be able to tell whether a certain set of leg warmers will provide it. You can also find sets that have very little extra material on them.

There are also some types that flair out at the bottom, giving them a “bell” shape. Some people love these and others don’t, so you will have to decide if they are right for you.

Obviously, there are other things that will contribute to what dance leg warmers you choose, such as color, design, and price. But as long as you are thinking about all the impacts a set of leg warmers is likely to have on your dancing, you are likely to choose a good pair.


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