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Dance Leggings

Dance Leggings

Dance Leggings

Dance leggings are one of the most important parts dancewear. Leggings are made from stretchy fabric that has some Lycra in it. The material is usually a blend of cotton or polyester with Lycra added in for stretch, fit and ease of movement.

These form fitting dance pants are generally paired with a shirt, leotard or tank top. They are also often worn under skirts, dresses or other costumes for performances. Dancers wear leggings because they are the perfect option to maintain coverage while enabling them to move, bend, leap and crouch. A dancer’s body is their medium and wearing other types of pants prevent freedom of movement and limit flexibility.

There are several types of dance leggings. It is a good idea to become familiar with the type that works for you. You will often gravitate to a preferred type for rehearsals. The dance teacher or performance director generally decides upon costumes for performances. Dancers wear what they are told to wear for a performance. Clothes for typical dance practices and workouts are often given more leeway, with the dancer choosing their own appropriate rehearsal dancewear. Of course, it is necessary to verify with the dance school what is required for dance practice clothing. 

When opting for leggings to wear during rehearsal, remember that stretch is an important factor. Make sure that the fabric content includes the words Lycra and/or spandex. Look for a blended fabric, it will be far more comfortable than spandex alone. When you have cotton in the mix of fabrics, you will have a breathable blend. This is great for those intense workouts. Polyester does hold up quite well and often outlasts those dance leggings that are simply a blend of cotton and Lycra. Many dancers opt for a cotton polyester Lycra blend.

There are various lengths of flexible leggings available for dancers. There are differing lengths, such as ankle length, knee length and mid-calf length. Variations give the dancers options for their workout wear.

Dance leggings for performances often vary somewhat from the regular daily dance workout leggings. While mobility and stretch are still issues, costuming often has increased flair, shine or design elements suitable for a show. Performance costumes may be a showier or shinier version of what a dancer wears to regular rehearsals or it may be a custom designed set of dance leggings and leotard with or without a skirt. Some costumes call for the dancer to wear their own dance leggings, often the short knee-length variety in a specified color to match a costume.

Dancers come in all shapes and sizes. There are leggings to fit young or small as well as old or shapely. Many of the same leggings that dancers use are also used by ice skaters. The form fitting, stretchy material suits their specific movement needs as well. When you are shopping for leggings to skate or dance in, remember that while these leggings won’t last forever, quality ones will last longer than thin, cheap versions. Opting for a quality dance leggings can save you money over the long run.


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