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Dance Bags

Dance LeggingsDance Bags are a vital accessory in dancer equipment. The dance bag will hold all of the dancers’ possessions and keep them in an organized fashion. A proper dance bag should be able to hold the dancers costume, shoes, warm-up, make-up, accessories, and hair supplies. The difference between a dancer bag and an ordinary bag is a dancer’s bag has different compartments and zipper sections made for keeping the dancers belongings clean, secure, out of sight, and organized.

Dance bags are specifically made for dancers and their lifestyles. It’s extremely important to keep the belongings separate to avoid damage. If the dancers’ make- up is kept with the costumes, there is a high chance that the make-up could open and damage the costume. Hot hair tools can also ruin costumes, or melt make-up. By keeping all your belongings in separate compartments the dancer will avoid damage to his/her equipment.

Zippers and Velcro keep the dance bag closed. By having a dance bag that closes tightly, the dancer will reduce the risk of losing important belongings. A dancer’s lifestyle is very active and they are constantly moving from practice to rehearsal to performance. When changing locations so frequently it’s important to make sure all your belongings make the journey safe and intact.  Keeping all your belongings in one bag will reduce the risk of leaving objects behind or losing them along the way. Be sure when changing locations that all your belongings are safely packed into your bag and that the zipper completely closed.

Dancers spend a lot of time in public areas with a high traffic flow of other dancers and spectators. The dancer may be spending extended amounts of time away from his or her belongings. It’s precautionary to keep your belonging out of sight. This will help prevent any of their possessions from theft or going missing. Keeping everything in a single dance bag will help prevent theft by keeping objects out of sight.

Organization is essential skill to have when dancing. Having all of your dancing essentials organized in correct places optimizes your efficiency when getting ready for a performance or changing costumes.  The dancer doesn’t want to be rushed by having to search through the bag for what they are looking for. By having all of your costume, shoes, warm-up, make-up, accessories, and hair supplies organized will also help prevent leaving any vital belongings at behind.

Personalizing your dance bag is an option that is also available and widely used. Dancers may personalize his or her bag with their name and team name. The two most popular ways to personalize a dancer’s bag are embroidery or screen printing. By having the dancers name on the bag it will prevent confusion and help identify what bag belongs to which dancer.


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